Your bill before solar

Without solar, all your energy comes from the energy giants so you’re paying amongst the highest energy prices in the world.

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Your bill after solar

With solar, you save up to 80% on your energy bills.

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Pro-surfer Joel Parkinson made a smart move

"Knowing that right now there's no one charging me for energy and I'm doing the right thing for the environment here, I'm running off my own grid, you get a bit of a kick out of it."

Arthur Bryant thought the power companies were gouging too much

"My favourite part about having solar is peace of mind because you don't have to worry about the bill every quarter".

Why choose smart energy?

  • 4.9 star online customer rating on solarquotes
  • We've installed over 110,000 quality solar panels in 2018
  • We created over 500 jobs in regions of Australia hit hardest by unemployment
  • Our solar panels are installed by Clean Energy Council accredited electricians
  • Our solar solutions are bespoke to the needs of your house and your energy usage
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Sun hits Earth with light illustration

Did you know?

Every hour more solar energy hits the earth than the total energy used each year by all humans


Calculate how much you could be saving with solar

"System was installed a while back but so far I've had nothing but good things to say. Anytime I’ve had any questions its been a breeze, the system is performing as told and my bill is reduced". Warren, NSW

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